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Things To Do In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is a city rich in culture, hosting a massive influx of tourists every year.  The city has a lot to offer – you can visit the beautiful temples, museums, ancient sites and much more. The beautiful city was founded in 1296. Until 1558, Chiang Mai remained the capital of the independent Lanna Kingdom. Thus, becoming the center of cultural and religious activities. It was also home to Buddhist temples. The Old City area of Chiang Mai still retains its history from the past in the form of elaborately carved temples, ancient city walls, and moat. 

So, are you willing to travel to Chiang Mai and jotting down your travel plan? Here is the perfect pick of top 10 things to do in Chiang Mai so that you have the best recreation there.

1. Doi Suthep

Things to do in Chiang Mai - Doi Suthep

Thais believe that if a person has not seen the magical view from Doi Suthep, he has not actually been to Chiang Mai. The regal place is a part of life in Chiang Mai, dominating its presence on the Doi Suthep horizon. Doi Suthep provides breathtaking views from its summit and is one of the top tourist attractions.

In 1981, the area of Doi Suthep, Doi Buakha, and Doi Pui, along with almost 161 square kilometers of dense forests, became Thailand’s 24th national park. The park has been expanded, and now the total area is 261 kilometers. Doi Pui, the 8th largest mountain in Thailand, is located in the park. The high elevation in the park keeps it pleasant and cool during summers. In addition to this, the park boasts a myriad of activities and sites. A variety of wildlife and birds are also found here.

2. Chiang Mai Old City

Photo Credits: Teseum

Chiang Mai Old City can be called as living museum. It is the epicenter of arty Chiang Mai. Streets are narrow, buildings are historical surrounded by ancient vestige walls and the moat. The place can be easily explored on foot.

Are you a picky handicraft buyer?  Chiang Mai Old City is your dream place. It is the epicenter of arty Chiang Mai. The Old City is a living museum. Streets are narrow; buildings are surrounded by ancient vestige walls and the moat.

You will find this place laden with antiques, clothes, and accessories. The overall essence of shops, cafes, and restaurants present in the area is contemporary and traditional.  You can come here to shop, eat and then relax as there are a number of massage shops here.

3. Chiang Mai Night Safari Park

Photo Credits: beefreetour

Chiang Mai Night Safari park provides tourists an enthralling experience similar to as if they are out in the wilderness at night.  It is modeled after Singapore Night Safari.  You can tour three animal zones in the park – Savanna Safari, Predator Prowl, and Jaguar Trail. Besides, in order to entertain the tourist, plenty of activities have been designed. You can visit the Safari park on an open-sided tram or also on foot. You can hand-feed the wild animals, and apart from touring the three animal zones – Savanna Safari, Predator Prowl, Jaguar Trail, you can enjoy a range of activities designed to keep you entertained throughout your visit.  

4. Wiang Kum Kam

Photo Credits: Reaksmey

Another amazing thing to do in Chiang Mai is visiting Wiang Kum Kam. Wiang Kum Kam is located five kilometers to the south of Chiang Mai along Ping River. It is an ancient city and dates back to the eighth century. Here, you can find many interesting structures such as stone tablets having Mon inscriptions along with earthenware pottery and Buddhist sculptures. You can explore the place on foot or ride through it on a rented bicycle.

5. Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai

Photo Credits: Gemma Gormley

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai is an amazing elephant attraction. The sanctuary is home to over 30 elephants in a spacious location, and it is operated as a paragon of responsible tourism. The elephants are not subjected to any gimmicks, tricks, or riding. Only careful interaction is allowed between visitors and them.

6. Doi Inthanon National Park

Photo Credits: Inspitrip

Doi Inthanon is famous among the visitors due to its natural beauty, as well as its historical significance. The Doi Inthanon Park is a jewel of nature blessed diversely. You will find – rugged mountainous terrain, tropical forests, mighty rivers, and amazing waterfalls. In addition to this, the park is a sanctuary for a variety of birds and animal species.

From a historic point of view, Chedi (monuments) of The Royal Majesties – The King and The Queen is found on the peak of the mountain.

7. Bor Sang Village

Bor Sang Village

Bor Sang village is famous for the outstanding quality of paper-umbrella handcrafts. The signature floral designs of umbrellas made in Bor Sang village are a cultural symbol of Chiang Mai.   

If you are looking for hand-painted umbrellas of various varieties, the variety is here. You can find tiny cocktail umbrellas as well as large parasol umbrellas for gardens. All of these are also at a reasonable price. So, you must add the visit to Bor Sang Village in your things to do list is Chiang Mai.

8. Karen Long Neck Tribe and Chiang Dao Cave

Photo Credits: Mark Sedgwick

Chiang Dao Cave stretches many kilometers into the mountain and boasts spectacular stalagmite formations. The cave exploration experience attracts a lot of tourists. It is advised to go out of the exploration with a  tour guide who will show you his way around equipped with a kerosene lantern.

If you go further up the Chicago Dao Caves, you will step your foot in Padung Village. The village is inhabited by ethnic hill-tribe people called as Local Neck Karen. They have an interesting tradition and culture where you will see their women wearing brass rings along their necks, ankles, and wrists.

9. The Lanna Folklife Museum – Chiang Mai National Museum

Photo Credits: Dari Extension

The Lanna Folklife Museum is an exciting place to visit. It is full of ancient items that depict history and culture. One can see the heritage of the Lanna People here. Its building has been renovated and looks like a white colonial-style building. 

10. Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo

Chiang Mai Zoo is worth a visit. The zoo covers 200 acres of land and has fascinating wildlife exhibits. There are almost 400 different species of animals with a primary focus on keeping them in a natural environment.

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