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Being a Wanderlust might be exciting for some, figuring out what you want to do while roaming around a strange city. But planning your trip also comes in handy when you don’t have the luxury of time. Every town has its perks, and one must relish those little things during the visit.

There are a few things one must do while traveling to Shanghai. Shanghai is often referred to as China’s largest city, but the interesting fact is that it’s not the largest in terms of area. However, it is the largest in population, and it’s still growing continuously. It is, however, China’s richest city as it is the center of its economy.

1. The Shanghai Skyline

Shanghai Skyline
Photo Credits: cemarbu

Shanghai possesses every modern detail and displays its modernity with all its glory, an example of which is the mighty and captivating skyline. The skyline’s TV tower and lit-up buildings surrounding it illuminates its aura and gives a futuristic view. First thing on your to-do list while visiting Shanghai should be experiencing the sci-fi view of its beautiful skyline.

2. Visiting Puxi

Photo Credits: Andrew Rochfort

The best thing about this city is that it is a perfect combination of modern culture and it’s tradition. To get in touch with its tradition and historical landmarks, one must visit the Puxi side of the city. It remains to be the cultural center of China and is definitely worth a visit. While the other places have been subjected to change Puxi region is trying its best to cling to the culture and tradition of China.

3. Chinese Food


While you’re there, do treat yourself with flavorful Chinese food. Shanghai has so much to offer to its visitors in terms of food from street food to restaurant-quality food. If you have a short trip planned, you might not get the chance to eat the same meal. Chinese food is sweeter in comparison to other continental cuisines, but it is unlikely that one would leave the place without having a favorite.

4. Street Food

Photo Credits: Piero Damora // Street Food in Xi’an

It is a great destination for street food and snack lovers. These small food stalls plate up some of the most delicious yet cheap meals to add a little flavor to your trip. You can find a huge variety of snacks like pancakes, steamed buns, dumplings, soup, and noodles, etc.

5. Fast food chains

Photo Credits: ChrisUK // KFC

Another fun activity could be trying the Chinese version of your favorite fast-food chains. The slightest variations to your favorite snacks could bring excitement and flavorful touch to your food.

6. Availing the bullet trains

China Bullet Train
Photo Credits: Mark Bellingham

It also offers public transport with its bullet trains. These subways are user-friendly as an announcement is made in English as well for tourists, and maps are also at your access. Traveling by yourself and finding your way in a new city can be thrilling.

7. The Bund

The Bund
Photo Credits: John Simm // The Bund

China has been a witness to warfare during the two World Wars; it has offered shelter to the refugees. Imprints left by history on the place attracts historians and tourists around the Bund. In addition to that, there are a lot of stories to be heard from World War II that might captivate a traveler.

8. Ancient Architect

Photo Credits: Georg Bodenstein // 1933 Shanghai Slaughterhouse

There are a lot of historical buildings to be admired that inspire architects all around the world. As the city has gone through changes so fast, it has all kinds of inspirational buildings, such as the Shanghai Tower and 1933 Slaughterhouse, etc.

9. Water Towns

Qibao Ancient Town
Photo Credits: Esin Ustun // Qibao Ancient Town

Although the modernized world would be awestruck by the urban area of Shanghai, a Wanderlust would absolutely love the water towns near Shanghai. Cruising in the River surrounded by traditional South China scenery, ancient buildings, and going under old crooked bridges would be one hell of an experience for romantics.

10. Gardens

Shanghai Garden

Like New York, Shanghai is a busy and fast-paced city, but still, it possesses spots for leisurely walks. There are a number of gardens which offer the serenity of a relaxing view.

11. Visit the Hongqiao Flower Market

Photo Credits: Chris Lee

It’s a unique and unusual thing to do while you are in Shanghai. The Hongqiao flower market is famous for its diverse types of flowers that are always in demand. They open daily from 8.30am to 6pm. Here you can get the perfect Instagram picture.

12. The Shanghai Old Street

Shanghai Old Street
Photo Credits: Kevin Liang // Shanghai Old Street

Small alleyways like those in Italy are also a source of amusement for the tourists. Shanghai Old Street is also another place to visit for those who value history; it is a place that sustains the old Chinese cultures. It will surely give you a few interesting old objects such as the Chinese shadow puppetry from a small box.

13. Longhua Temple

Longhua Temple
Photo Credits: Willax // Longhua Temple

It is the oldest monastery, one of the oldest structures and most authentic temple in Shanghai. It is definitely worth a visit, an important landmark for the Buddhists, as it named after the tree where Buddha received enlightenment.

14. The Shanghai Museum

Shanghai Museum
Photo Credits: David Leo // Shanghai Museum

The Shanghai museum is one of China’s world-class modern museums. It is a Museum of ancient Chinese art and was rebuilt in 1996. The building alone is a sight to see, let alone what it holds inside.

15. Parks

Nanhuizui Guanhai Park
Photo Credits: fdomsodi // Nanhuizui Guanhai Park

On top of all that, in also entertains guests with amusement parks such as Wild Animal Park, Nanhuizui Guanhai Park, and Haichang Ocean Park, etc.

16. Shopping

Bali Chuntian Shopping Mall
BaLi ChunTian Shopping Mall

If you have money to spend, Shanghai can be an amazing host to your shopping sprees as it offers multiple shopping areas selling anything that you could think of. Traditional outdoor stalls provide tourists with souvenirs with a taste of Shanghai while bigger malls offer the latest luxury products.

17. Sleepless City

Shanghai Nightview
Photo Credits: MHC

Shanghai will provide its visitors with a modernized version of lying down and watching the star-lit night sky. It is a sleepless city where life is on the run at all times. You will not find it hard to find entertainment with its colorful nightlife as there are numerous cinemas, nightclubs, bars, theaters that are open throughout the night.

18. The bird’s-eye view

Photo Credits: Anthony Liu

Another entertainment is the skyscrapers, which give you the bird’s eye view of the city. Being the Metropolis, this city is a perfect mixture of different cultures. Buddhist temples are often seen around Shanghai.

19. Ferry Ride

Shanghai Ferry
Photo Credits: Izabela Winter

While in Shanghai, try to catch a public ferry ride as it is an enjoyable voyage from Ancient Shanghai to Shanghai’s Pudong New Area.

20. Jeep Ride

Shanghai Jeep Ride

Shanghai offers tourists an evening private jeep tour, which includes a few highlights of Shanghai, including The Bund, French Club, People’s Square, Huaihai Road, and a few more. This trip is also complemented with a wine toast.

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