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Tokyo, officially named as Tokyo Metropolis, is the capital city of Japan. Tokyo is one of the world’s busiest cities and a perfect holiday destination for your next trip. Tokyo is the home to many cultural and natural UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From its magnificent skyscrapers to historic shrines, the city has beautifully managed to maintain a balance between nature and modernity.

Well, if you are planning for a holiday getaway, then don’t forget to consider Tokyo as it is worth your time and money. Visiting Tokyo with your family or your partner is a perfect tour plan if you love modern art and architecture. The top tourist attractions in Tokyo will leave you awe-struck with its aesthetic beauty.

Here are the five top-rated attraction in Tokyo that you must visit:

1. Senso-Ji Temple


Photo Credits: Michelle Maria

Senso-Ji Temple, also called as Asakusa Kannon Temple is the most famous shrine of Tokyo. The Buddhist temple is the most colourful architectural wonder you will find in Asakusa District. The temple has a rich history of its own, and it was built in 645 A.D. making it the oldest temple of Japan.

It is a perfect destination to visit with your family and especially is you are a history lover. The temple is open for tourists from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is absolutely no ticket fee you have to pay.

2. Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace

Photo Credits: Pierre Blaché

Don’t forget to visit the glorious Imperial Palace on your visit to Tokyo. The palace is as old as the 15th century and is still inhabited by the Imperial family. The palace has beautiful gardens, and two-meter-thick walls cover it. Although you are not allowed to visit the inside of the palace, you can still witness it from the outside and relax under the shady trees of Imperial Palace East Garden with your partner. If you are a true nature lover, then you will love to go for Hanami, which is a traditional practice in Japan.

The visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 4.30 p.m., and the entry is free for the public.

3. Shibuya


Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

Shibuya is a commercial and business centre of the city. Shibuya crossing is the main tourist attraction in Tokyo. Many famous movie scenes like Resident Evil 4, Lost in translation, Tokyo drift and many other Japanese dramas have been shot here. Don’t forget to capture your precious moments in this iconic destination. You will also find the famous Hachiko statue here. Take awesome photos for your Instagram feed at Shibuya!

4. Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji Fish Market

Image by pythong from Pixabay

The seafood market is famous all-around Japan. The market is filled with thousands of locals and tourists. One of the popular activities around here is to witness the Tuna Auction. However, you have to make a prior booking to attend the Auction. Many tourists come here to enjoy the Auction and buy the freshest seafood they will ever found in the entire Tokyo.

5. Ginza


Image by Jordy Meow from Pixabay

Love to do shopping while travelling? Ginza is just the perfect destination in Tokyo for all the shopaholics. You will find all the top brands’ outlets here. You can also enjoy window shopping and stroll around the glamorous streets of Ginza. You can also visit some of the best restaurants in Tokyo here in Ginza.

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