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Located in the southern part of the island, Kaohsiung is the third-largest city in Taiwan. This up and coming tourist destination has the largest harbor in Taiwan and is a port city. This historical city has a multi-cultural influence through the colonization of the Dutch, Japanese, and Chinese, which people can see throughout the city and its developments.

Full of history, tasty food, and friendly people, Kaohsiung is a blend of both traditional and modern. This developed city has an array of sky-high buildings, but the traditional Chinese temples are still present. The best time to visit is spring and autumn as the temperatures are comfortable instead of scorching hot as 35+ degrees Celsius in Summer in not uncommon there. Kaohsiung in Taiwan is not a huge city; many of the popular things to do in Kaohsiung can be seen in just a few days.

You can put together these sights and things to do in Kaohsiung given below by mixing and matching them and customizing them to fit your personal schedule, interests, and availability, all the while keeping in mind their accessibility. Everyone has their requirements regarding their timings and budget. But if you are looking for a 3 days itinerary, this is the perfect guide for you. Choose these given things to do, and you will have a splendid time in the Kaohsiung.

1. Rooftop Amusement Park in a Shopping Mall

Dream Mall KaoHsiung

On the roof of East Asia’s largest shopping mall lies Dream Mall’s amusement park. The place boasts a wide variety of rides along with the Kaohsiung Eye Ferris wheel, which stands at 160 ft. Freewheel through the skies for a superb view of the cityscape and is one of the most fun things to do in Kaohsiung.

2. Lotus Lake

Lotus Lake
Photo Credits: Lawrence

This one custom is a must for all first-time travelers to Kaohsiung. This auspicious tradition has both locals and visitors rushing right out of the tiger’s mouth and into the dragon’s mouth. People claim that this transforms one’s fortunes from bad to good.

More than just a place of placidity, the Lotus Lake is home to magnificent constructions reminiscent of the Chinese palaces. The green emergence of the lotus in the spring is a sight to see against the background of a serene blue lake.

3. Art on the Street at the Pier 2 Art District

Photo Credits: Photo Ferris

With rustic industrial charm and modern installations, the Pier 2 district is the perfect spot for families, couples, and the occasional lone man craving a brief respite from city life. The group of artists behind the displayed works is the same people who lobbied for this space of their own when it was set to ruin. Reflections of Kaohsiung’s history and tradition can be seen in murals, cheeky paintings on dustbins, and even the characteristic Taiwanese love for cute cartoon characters.

4. World’s Largest Public Glass Installation

Photo Credits: Yoshitaka Ando

Formosa Boulevard station is home to the Dome of Light, the world’s largest glass installation piece, one of the most eye-catching Kaohsiung attractions. The breathtaking ceiling made of stained glass. Designed by an Italian artist, its 4500 panels are divided into four colors, which symbolize the co-existence of the world’s first elements: water, earth, fire, and light. It holds free light shows every day at specific time slots.

5. River of Love in a Gondola

Kaohsiung Love River

With its brilliant blue waters, romantic boat tours, and impressive landmarks such as the Kaohsiung Bridge and the Holy Rosary Cathedral on its banks, the Ai He also the Love River is great for Kaohsiung sightseeing. You can enjoy the experience of a trip down and under a set of vibrant bridges and soak up the vision of a glittering cityscape with live music coming from the river shore.

6. Taiwan’s Largest Buddhist Monastery

Photo Credits: Sy Tan

Kaohsiung attractions include Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum which is the biggest Buddhist monastery in Taiwan. Dubbed as “Buddha’s Kingdom” by the locals, it is tucked up at the peak of a hill that looks over the Gaoping River Basin. This 100-hectare holy palace is a meeting place for all those who want spiritual respite, wealth, and unexpectedly, also fun-filled festivities in a few auspicious months.

Eight pagodas surround the 240 m path, symbolizing the eight central teachings of Buddha as recorded in the Noble Eightfold Path. At dusk, the golden lights flicker out of the eight pagodas and envelop the 36-meter deep golden Buddha in an etheric way. The vibrant color and energy coursing through this religious sanctuary are bound to soothe and inspire you. Despite its traditional structures, the Buddha Memorial Centre is one of the most creative and modern religious sites in the world.

7. The Cihou Fort

Cihou Fort
Photo Credits: Ip Chi Wai Jonathan

The fine scenery of the island comprises of just one or two forts, which ensures that the view you get from one high building is unmatched. The Cihou Fort is host to a viewing point that overlooks the whole landscape of buildings. With all the beautiful attractions and constant gusty winds of the chilly sea, it will be extremely difficult not to fall in love with this coastal town.

8. Starlight Tunnel

Starlight Tunnel
Photo Credits: Mu Qin

One of the must things to do in Kaohsiung is visiting the Starlight Tunnel. Bathed in brassy golden light, the length of the tunnel exposes a multitude of carvings on its walls from past visitors. Its end is opening to the sea, the beach there provides with awe-inspiring views. With an icy-cool and refreshing breeze flowing from the tunnel’s end, you won’t even feel the slightest bit claustrophobic.

9. Cijin Rainbow Church

Rainbow Church
Photo Credits: Leng Cheng

Cijin Rainbow Church should be added to your list of Kaohsiung sightseeing. It isn’t a real church but is an open space with virtually stunning structures that captivate you.

10. Night Markets

Night Market
Photo Credits: Ronson Chen

No visit to Kaohsiung is full without visiting the night markets of the area. It is definitely the simplest and most fun way to get to know the local life and culture in Kaohsiung. The soul of Kaohsiung is present in its night markets where food, shopping, and people all come together on a long stretch of road.

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