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Whenever we think of Switzerland, we picture sky-high picture-perfect mountains, grassy stretches, cows grazing in the meadows, swiss chocolates, the swiss knives, and of course, the Alps. Its captivating natural beauty is one of the main reasons to visit the Swiss Alps. The huge mountain range in the Alps is enough to draw the attention of millions of mountaineers every year.

Swiss Alps also holds a strategic geographical position. It stands as a barrier and a dividing point between Northern and Southern Europe. Also, many crucial trade routes have been paved on the mountains that pass through the Swiss Alps and connect Italy with the other European countries.

Swiss Alps is also home to rare animals and mammals. If lucky, you might get a chance to catch a glimpse of the Red Deer, the Golden eagle, Alpine Marmot, Alpine Ibex, Brown Bear, Chamois, Mountain Hare, and Bearded Vulture. All in all, the Swiss Alps is an ultimate nature’s treat for globe trotters.

We have talked a lot about the characteristics of the Swiss Alps. If these enticing insights are still not sufficient to tempt you to plan a trip of the Swiss Alps, we have ten more reasons to visit the Swiss Alps in our bucket that are surely hard to ignore. Please have a look;

1. The ultimate skiing experiences

Photo Credits: Denise Linine

Skiing is one of the prominent reasons to visit the Swiss Alps. You will find top-rated ski resorts here and the best slopes to discover. If you have a thing for skiing, do visit the Swiss slopes once in your life.

2. The mesmerizing natural beauty

Photo Credits: Martin Winkler

The Swiss Alps houses the most dramatic natural beauty that leaves its visitors awe-struck. From the ice-capped mountain tops to the isolated lakes and green stretches, no visitor ever likes to return from this refreshing destination. Whenever you travel to the Swiss Alps, don’t forget to stop by Zermatt ski resort, which is lined with 38 peaks over 4,000 meters. Impressive, isn’t it?

3. The diverse culture

We have heard people associating Swiss Alps with infamous yodeling, Alpenhorn, cows, and their bells. What we don’t know is that every region of the Swiss Alps boasts different customs and traditions. Perhaps, when you look closely, you will get to know that Swiss culture draws its inspiration from the cultures of neighboring countries; France, Germany, and Italy.

4. The exclusive hiking ventures

Do add hiking to your Swiss Alps travel itinerary. You will find reasonable accommodation facilities and numerous sign-posted trails, where you can explore the marvels of nature without even needing a guide as the signs will lead you towards your destination. Do check the hiking programs offered by the Swiss Alpine Club. They provide numerous retreats primarily designed for the backpackers visiting the Swiss Alps for an ultimate hiking experience.

5. The delicious food


When you travel to the Swiss Alps, do give a try to the melted Cheese Fondue. We bet you will never forget its delicious melt-in-mouth cheesy texture. It is an improvised version of what the poor farmers of the Swiss Alps used to cook with leftovers during the extreme cold weather. You can also try other regional specialties such as raclette and compliment the food with some exclusive Swiss wine.

6. The typical Alpine village life


To experience the typical Alpanese village life should be in your list of the reasons to visit the Swiss Alps. You can plan a day trip to Grindelwald, which houses the exclusive wonders of nature. You can relax there, inhale the clean mountain air, and exhale your worries and the intoxicants out of your mind and body. Here are a few towns in the Alps that you must consider visiting;

7. The grand Aletsch Glacier

Photo Credits: Simon Steinberger

Swiss Alps carries the largest glacier in Europe, which stretches for twenty-three kilometers. In the Swiss Alps, you will get a chance to spend some quality time by the grand Aletsch glacier that ill reminds you much of the ice age. Remember to pack your necessary winter essential as this part of the Swiss Alps happens to be freezingly cold.

8. The infamous mountain, Matterhorn

Photo Credits: Klaus Dieter

It is the most photographed mountain in the world and for all the right reasons! It is famous due to the perfect pyramid-shaped peak. It boasts four sides, and the rugged peak towers 4,478 meters above the sea level. The view of Matterhorn is simply breathtaking, and the clear blue skies in the backdrop add on to the enchanting beauty of this sky-high mountain. However, this mountain is not easy to climb, as there are risks of rockfall.

9. Reach the top of Europe

The Jungfraujoch is the point where the Great Aletsch Glacier resides, and this site is famous as the top point of Europe. Located at 3,454 meters above sea level, it is the highest train station in Europe. There are plenty of activities that you can do at the top of Europe. You can visit the Ice Palace, have fun at Snow Fun Park, indulge in an ultimate Lindt Swiss Chocolate experience, hop on the Sphinx Observation Deck and cherish the picturesque views that are certainly a treat to human eyes. A visit to Jungfraujoch is worth every cent that you will spend on it. Do remember that the best time to visit this stunning destination is from May to September due to the favorable weather conditions.

10. Explore Graubünden

Photo Credits: Iso Tuor

Graubünden is counted as one of the largest cantons in Switzerland. It is a dream place that every tourist wants to explore during his time in the Swiss Alps. Why? Because here lies every essential natural beauty component that entices the visitors. There are numerous mountain peaks to discover and a few of the glitzy ski resorts that you can find in Switzerland. Davos and St. Moriz, both are the most prominent resorts in the town. That’s not it. Graubünden is a home to those special 60,000 inhabitants who can speak and understand Romansh, which is another language that is spoken in Switzerland along with German, Italian, and French.

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