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Iceland is known as a land of myths and legends. Located in the Northern Hemisphere, the tourists may witness snow most of the time, but to one’s surprise, it carries numerous active volcanoes, which can erupt at any moment.

Iceland is the best destination for nature lovers. You will absolutely adorn the geothermal lakes, volcanoes, warm water pools, underground caves, gleaming glaciers, and stunning national parks. In this article, we have picked the best things to do in Iceland for you so that you can fill your time with the best during your Icelandic adventure.

1. Opt for a whale watching tour

Whale Watching Iceland
Photo Credits: marina888lyakun

Whale watching tour is one of the best things to do in Iceland. The Iceland waters are home to more than twenty cetacean species, out of which Blue Whales are most prominent. There are three prime locations from which the whale watching tour departs; Husavík, Akureyri, and Reykjavík. The tours leave on larger vessels and smaller powerboats, and both of these carry the latest tracking technology, which helps the tourists in spotting a whale. You will also spot rare seabirds during this tour, including Puffin, Guillemots, Squas, and Arctic Tern.

2. Enjoy the nightlife at Reykjavik

Photo Credits: David Mark

The locals love to grab some cocktails before calling their day off, so do the tourists. Do add a visit to Downtown Reykjavík in your list of places to visit in Iceland for an ultimate Icelandic nightlife experience. You will find here many Iceland tourist attractions, including bars, cafes, restaurants, guest houses, hotels, and upscale shopping areas.

Tip: To remain in your budget, you can enjoy drinks on the discounted rate during the Happy Hour at most of the wineries.

3. Experience horseback riding

Horse riding Iceland
Photo Credits: Dorota Kudyba

The Icelandic horses are famous for their muscular build, short legs, and diminutive height. You can count them for a reliable ride and their resistance against the unrelenting surfaces. The horse riding tour is a true method to explore the eccentric snowy beauty of Iceland. These ninety minutes long tour has been individually designed for both the beginner and the experts. The beginners are usually escorted by the certified horse-riding instructors.

4. Schedule a trip to Lake Mývatn

Photo Credits: Jacqueline Macou

Next in our list of the things to do in Iceland is a trip to Lake Mývatn. It is also known as Fly Lake. If you are planning to visit Iceland in summers, do wear long sleeves upper and a netted hat to visit this mysterious spot as you will spot numerous insects whizzing around the lake shoreline. However, the lake insects disappear totally in winter. You can also witness the area called Dark Fortress where the volcanic rocks form, Námaskarð Pass which is geothermically active, and Námaskarð Pass, the row of pseudo-caterers.

5. Visit Blue Lagoon Spa

Blue Lagoon
Photo Credits: Veronica Bosley

Blue Lagoon Spa is the crown jewel of Iceland. You can have a relaxing session in the warm water, soothing and healing silica mud, scenic backdrops, and of course, the billowing steam stacks. However, a trip to the Blue Lagoon comes with a heavy price, but it’s totally worth the price. If you are on a budget, you can choose other spas that also offer nearly similar amenities. The Secret Lagoon near the Golden Circle and the Mývatn Nature Baths in Northern Iceland are famous Blue Lagoon substitutes.

6. Witness the Dettifoss Waterfall

Photo Credits: Inaki MT

Dettifoss falls from the Jökulsá á Fjöllum river from the height of forty-four meters and crashes into the Jökulsárgljúfur Canyon, boasting the spectacular and breathtaking view only available in Iceland. You can reach Dettifoss through Route 862, which also intersects at Golden Circle, which is a tourist hotspot. After marveling at the Detifoss, you can explore numerous attractions at the Golden Circle, including Lake Mývatn, Ásbyrgi Canyon, and Húsavík.

7. Visit Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon

Photo Credits: Rebekka D

The much we search about the things to do in Iceland, the more it gets difficult to develop the Iceland itinerary as there are so many striking attractions to choose from. However, this is the one place that is ahead of every single tourist spot in the country. Why? Because this Lagoon is naturally accentuated with glittering icebergs. You will witness the icebergs groaning and hitting each other and making their route from the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier towards the Atlantic Ocean.

You can either sign up for the Zodiac boat tour or sit silently along the shoreline and watch the playful seals diving around the giant chunks of ice. It is quite saddening that these glaciers are melting at a fast pace due to the drastic climate changes. There is a Diamond beech nearby where you fill find the icebergs mating with the grey sand, making one of the picturesque views that no one can forget.

8. Dive in Hot Pool

Photo Credits: Mathieu Roques

Enough has been said about the cold weather. Now is the time to soak in some warmth. This land is surprisingly geothermally active, which means you get to witness brewing volcano vents, steaming mud pools, and venting hot strings. Golden Circle is the hub of all such geothermally active attractions. Natural hot pools are abundant in the country where locals love to spend their off-day soaking in all the heat. You must take the Hot Spring tours in this regard for exploring the exclusive heated attractions and viewing the Northern Lights.

9. Opt for Snowmobiling

At Iceland, you can play as many snow sports as you want. All you need to stop at the Golden Circle, where you will find the Gullfoss Waterfall, Haukadalur Geothermal Valley, and Þingvellir National Park. You can also have an exciting snorkeling or snowmobiling tour on Iceland’s second-largest glacier, Langjökull, to make the most of the snowy land.

10. Witness the iconic Northern Lights

Northern Lights

Your trip to Iceland is incomplete without viewing the Northern Lights; the term referred to the natural light displays at the highest elevated point of the earth during the winters. However, these Northern Lights are famous as highly elusive. Nobody knows when they appear or for how long they stay. The conditions must have to be perfect for the display of the Northern lights.

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