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Bel Paese is another name for Italy, which means beautiful country. It is one of the most-visited travel destinations in Europe that houses countless attractions to entice its visitors. You can explore captivating artwork, historic palaces, enchanting castles, crumbling ruins, best food, stunning coastal area, and sandy beaches in this majestic region. Of course, it is quite challenging to cover every place on a single trip. For that reason, we have picked twelve best Italy tourist attractions for you that are not-to-miss. Do read our list of things to do in Italy to make the most of your time and money. Let’s begin;

1. Visit Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery
Photo Credits: Dalibro

We are beginning our list of things to do in Italy with the Uffizi Gallery. If a trip to Florence is in your Italy itinerary, then do visit this famous gallery. It not only features a beautiful exterior but also exhibits the masterpieces from the art maestros, including Raphael, Leonardo Da Vinci, and Michelangelo. The artifacts of this museum are a treat for art lovers.

2. Glide in a Gondola

Photo Credits: Duane Moore

A Gondola ride in Venice is one of the best things to do in Italy, and romantic too. You will find many Gondoliers standing by the side of the Grand Canal, wearing their typical striped shirts and straw hats, waiting for people to come and explore the beauty of Venice with them. You can choose the route and the length of the trip before you board. The prices are fixed so you cannot bargain much.

3. Live your love at Juliet’s Balcony

Photo Credits: Paolo Dadda

Romeo and Juliet are a symbol of eternal love, and Juliet’s balcony is the ultimate spot to confess your love for your dear one. Located in Verona, this balcony is the prettiest spot in the city where many love birds are seen pouring their hearts out and making the promise of togetherness.

4. Explore Lake Como

Lake Como
Photo Credits: Michael Gottwald

Lake Como is one of the best things to see in Italy. Many of the richest celebrities of the world own houses around this lake. Turquoise water of the lake with alpine trees, elegant ornate houses, and traditional villages in the backdrop offer a picturesque view. Do take a boat ride when you visit this lake.

5. Hike at Cinque Terre

Photo Credits: Bela

UNESCO has declared Cinque Terre as a world heritage site. Cinque Terre is a sum of five villages; Monterosso, Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, and Vernazza, which are all established on the top of jagged cliffs topping the stunning Italian Riveria. You need good boots, stamina, and a brave heart to hike on the craggy cliffs with no railings from one village to another. When tired, you can take a train and return to your starting point.

6. Climb Mountain Vesuvius

Photo Credits: Rosemaria

Vesuvius is one of the famous peaks of the world and the safest mountain to climb. If you don’t want to climb, you can also trek to the crater of the mountain and enjoy the breathtaking views of Pompeii Town.

7. Stop at Valley of Temples

Photo Credits: Enzo Abramo

Located in Agrigento Sicily, the Valley of Temples depicts the Greater Greece architecture and arts. The crown jewel of this awe-striking site is the archeological complex where you will see remains of the Doric Temple, which was built back in the 5th century.

8. Visit the Colosseum

Photo Credits: Selim Geçer

If you visit Rome and do not stop at the world-famous attraction, the mighty Colosseum, your trip to Europe will be counted as half-done. Once a majestic amphitheater, now the dilapidations, the Colosseum is the greatest historical relic of modern times. Back in its glory days, this place was famous for the brutal gladiator matches that were the only source of people’s entertainment. It could house around 50,000 spectators at once.

9. Walk around the City of Sienna

Photo Credits: bearinnorth

Sienna is in Tuscany, Italy. Many tourists overlook the City of Sienna and prefer to visit Florence instead, which is quite surprising as there is so much to explore in this town. UNESCO has also declared Sienna as a part of World Heritage. We will advise you to visit the Historic Center of Sienna, where you will find plenty of Gothic architecture and brick buildings from the middle-age era. Also, look out for magnificent Duomo, which is a famous cathedral known for the mosaic art, the Tower of Mangia, the medieval belfry, and the good-looking Palazzo Salimbeni, a square for public celebrations. You must plan a full-day trip to explore Sienna.

10. Stop by Roman Forum

Photo Credits: Dominique Devroye

Do include Roman Forum as a must-see sight in your list of things to do in Italy. Sandwiched in between the Palatine Hills and the Capitoline in Rome, it offers the scenic views of the town from its terraces. It has presumed that the Roman Forum was the center of the activities of the Roman Empire.

11. A Boat trip to Blue Grotto

Photo Credits: Vincent Musollino

Located in Capri, Blue Grotto is one of the premium attractions in Italy. Locals call it Grotta Azzurra. It is a cavern filled with glowy blue water. The place looks amazing, especially when the sunlight enlightens the cavern by making way through the shafts in the sides of the rock.

The cavern is 60 meters long and around 14 meters high. A rowing boat takes the tourists inside the Grotto where they experience the best sightseeing venture in the world.

12. Enjoy Pizzas

When in Italy, eat nothing but pizzas. Italy is known as a parent of pizzas, which you can find in its every nook and corner. We will talk about Naples in particular. Though Naples has countless attractions to engage its visitors, pizzas are the main reason to visit this town and treat your taste buds with the exclusive pizza range.

This magnificent city is lined with pizza parlors, eateries, and high-end dine-ins. Pick your place as per your budget. Do know that wherever you eat pizza, you will always be delighted with the amazing taste and texture. This place experiments with the pizza flavors and toppings and come up with an updated menu to please the pizza freaks.

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